Sunday, December 13, 2015

Green Gifts this Festive Season!

Be Eco & Go Green with MudFingers this Festive Season!

We all talk about being eco-friendly, going-green and doing our good bit back to the world we live in!

MudFingers shares this feeling of your's and we want to show-case our concepts to help you achieve the same. Simple concepts but good enough to reduce your carbon footprint - a small portion everyday.

Green Return Gifts - A new corporate wave!

One such concept is Gifting Green! We make sure that our products are grown in organic culture and has very low maintenance. Most of the non-green gifts that are given away have very less shelf life and no significant value added to it.

Small Bottle Garden
MudFingers specializes in Bottle Gardens a.k.a Terrariums which house a living plant contained in an organic system.

This brightens up your living space and adds living value in your place, be it your study / living / office / any indoor space.

Options with Terrariums are many and they come in various sizes and glass containers - like  Wine Goblets, Small Jars, Round Bowls, Hanging Orbs to name a few of our collection.

Our plants are well nourished and we present to you a healthy, breathing lively system to enhance your decor!

MudFingers will be happy to support you and are present to help you in anyways in this noble cause!

Wish you all a Happy Festive Season!

Team MudFingers

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mudfingers goes to Prestige Shantiniketan!

Mudfingers goes to Prestige Shantiniketan!

What a day! Mudfingers was part of a common exhibition cum sales which was organized for the benefit of residents at Prestige Shantiniketan - Whitefield, Bangalore.

We happened to meet people with varied interests.
Many were drawn towards Mudfingers's multicolored pots with indoor plants which was apt for gifts.
Pots of various shapes like Conch, Birds, Cup-Saucer, Cube etc., enthralled adults and kids alike.

Terrariums - the ultimate Bottle Gardens were a huge hit.
A terrarium is a collection of small plants growing in a transparent, sealed container. Inside a terrarium's walls, many natural processes may be observed: photosynthesis, respiration and the water cycle.
The very concept of presenting plants in a bottle of various shapes makes Terrariums very interesting. A properly maintained terrarium can go for weeks or months without needing water.

Tulasi Brindavan's comes in various sizes and colors. We had samples of these which were designed keeping an apartment balcony in mind. Tulasi (Basil) plants need full sunlight. Place them in an east facing balcony or on terrace.

We had Bonsai'sTable-Top'sOrchids, and various types of Indoor Plants to offer.

Felt happy to hear and talk to plant lovers, address their concerns and just being there.

Thanks friends for your wonderful response and we will be back soon!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

House plants are best when planned into your decor.

"All gardening is landscape painting - William Kent"

One of the most inexpensive, easiest and simplest way to have the extra zing in the decor of your house is to include best suiting houseplants into your planning.

I personally do not think that plants should be after thought to your interiors, but should always be given a serious thought in advance. Choose some spots that can be converted to green areas so as to bring the much coveted green aura into your homes!

Analyse your interior spaces on the overall theme that you are aiming for and choose wisely to add plants as vital design elements into your interiors.

Contemporary or Minimal theme:
Accentuate with 1 - 2 sleek plants in bright ceramic pots. Dracaena, Cordyline, Sanseveria, Good luck spiral sticks, Orchids, Succulents, a gorgeous terrarium can do well in these designs. You can also plan a Zen garden theme in your terraces or balconies.

Country or Rustic style:
Go in for a bright corner garden or a bright space under a skylight. Choose plants of different heights in brightly colored pots. For instance, Monstera, Philodendron species, Bromeliads, an array of Ferns, Anthuriums planted to in a ad-hoc manner can be great!
You can also add in some herbs in old kitchen pans and pots! Add some hanging plants near that barbecue space that you are planning to enjoy the love of life!

Formal or Royal:
You can go in for large live bouquets & accentuate regularly in your space design. Bonsai and cascading jade plants too look great in formal settings. You can also choose a long wall and go in for that vertical wall garden that will be an ideal setting for many an entertaining evening!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 best house plants for beginners

Hands in the dirt, 

head in the sun,
heart with nature. 
To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.

I have met many a friend who loves green and takes solace in nature's lap ... but has not dappled into gardening for fear of killing a plant. It is to those friends that I recommend 5 tough nut plants that can survive well enough to pull you into full-time gardening!

01 Succulents & Cactii

Succulents are largely outdoor houseplants that store their own water in fleshy leaves. These plants are very hardy and survive despite great hardship.
You can neglect them, not water them and still find them smiling when you get back home. 
Succulents do not like over watering and love brightly lit places. 

02 Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)
A perfect office-goer, these plants too survive the worst of abuse. They grow in water only. All you have to do is place them where they get decent light and fill in the water every week.
They are also very slow growers. They make wonderful gifts that bring in a lot of positive energy into your workplace.

Now, nothing can get easier, can it?

A fantastic hanging plant, the Neon plant is a very famous Indian house plant. It is a very aggressive grower and make ideal dividers too! His leaves are clear and you can stare at him at length!

Place him in filtered sunlight and he is a survivor.

The snake plant is a wonderful indoor plant. All he needs to thrive is a place near bright windows and occasional water.
These are very very tough plants and are known to be very good air purifiers as well!

Terrariums are magical glass containers which hold some magical plants that never die!
All they need is good light. They will survive with no water at all in case of closed rain forest terrariums.

Place terrariums near a natural window or under white flourescent lights. They seem to have a hidden liking to LED lights as they never heat up the air around them.

Mudfingers goes online!

A proud moment indeed!

We launched our online presence in the form of opening a window for all online enthusiasts :-)

At Mudfingers, we believe that working or living around a green pot of wonder is the best life! How better is it ... if these plants are designed with a lot of love, care and aesthetics!

Each plant that we have put up for sale has been nurtured with great care, potted with great affection and with a minute attempt to retain the beauty and sometimes to enhance the natural beauty that these come up with! We want to spread the joy of gardening and so endeavor to put in the care details with every beauty.

Our range of plants include various Indoors, Outdoors, the choicest collection of Bonsai's, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Cactii varieties, Terrariums and special plants designed to last in Workstations.