Sunday, February 15, 2015

House plants are best when planned into your decor.

"All gardening is landscape painting - William Kent"

One of the most inexpensive, easiest and simplest way to have the extra zing in the decor of your house is to include best suiting houseplants into your planning.

I personally do not think that plants should be after thought to your interiors, but should always be given a serious thought in advance. Choose some spots that can be converted to green areas so as to bring the much coveted green aura into your homes!

Analyse your interior spaces on the overall theme that you are aiming for and choose wisely to add plants as vital design elements into your interiors.

Contemporary or Minimal theme:
Accentuate with 1 - 2 sleek plants in bright ceramic pots. Dracaena, Cordyline, Sanseveria, Good luck spiral sticks, Orchids, Succulents, a gorgeous terrarium can do well in these designs. You can also plan a Zen garden theme in your terraces or balconies.

Country or Rustic style:
Go in for a bright corner garden or a bright space under a skylight. Choose plants of different heights in brightly colored pots. For instance, Monstera, Philodendron species, Bromeliads, an array of Ferns, Anthuriums planted to in a ad-hoc manner can be great!
You can also add in some herbs in old kitchen pans and pots! Add some hanging plants near that barbecue space that you are planning to enjoy the love of life!

Formal or Royal:
You can go in for large live bouquets & accentuate regularly in your space design. Bonsai and cascading jade plants too look great in formal settings. You can also choose a long wall and go in for that vertical wall garden that will be an ideal setting for many an entertaining evening!