Sunday, December 13, 2015

Green Gifts this Festive Season!

Be Eco & Go Green with MudFingers this Festive Season!

We all talk about being eco-friendly, going-green and doing our good bit back to the world we live in!

MudFingers shares this feeling of your's and we want to show-case our concepts to help you achieve the same. Simple concepts but good enough to reduce your carbon footprint - a small portion everyday.

Green Return Gifts - A new corporate wave!

One such concept is Gifting Green! We make sure that our products are grown in organic culture and has very low maintenance. Most of the non-green gifts that are given away have very less shelf life and no significant value added to it.

Small Bottle Garden
MudFingers specializes in Bottle Gardens a.k.a Terrariums which house a living plant contained in an organic system.

This brightens up your living space and adds living value in your place, be it your study / living / office / any indoor space.

Options with Terrariums are many and they come in various sizes and glass containers - like  Wine Goblets, Small Jars, Round Bowls, Hanging Orbs to name a few of our collection.

Our plants are well nourished and we present to you a healthy, breathing lively system to enhance your decor!

MudFingers will be happy to support you and are present to help you in anyways in this noble cause!

Wish you all a Happy Festive Season!

Team MudFingers