Sunday, March 13, 2016

The story so far…

There lived a couple in the quaint old town of Bangalore, in the quiet and empty lanes of Banashankari. That was the Bangalore of yore. It was truly the garden city then. The couple too had a small garden. But it was more than just a garden for them. Every day, the couple tended to their garden and sowed seeds and raised saplings. All year through and many years like this, the couple toiled to raise and nurture the greens growing in it. Soon there were Violets, Anthuriums, Chrysanthemums and Marigolds sprawling across the green space.

From this humble beginning, many years later in June 2006, Blooms and Ivy took birth in a small store in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The expert at the helm of affairs was Mr. Vishwanath, who had just retired from the famed Indo American Hybrid Seeds after 42 years of service as a Horticulturist. Ably by his side was his wife, Mrs. Uma who had spent 30-odd years magically growing practically anything and everything in her garden. Adding to this, their daughter, Vrinda, an agriculturist by qualification, a designer by profession and a planter by passion (and genes of course!) also joined this team. Bonsais, terrariums, self-watering planters, cacti, kitchen garden plants…the list was endless. This team, with its experience and wide expertise, was just bursting forth with ideas and knowledge. In addition to retailing plants, they also helped plant growers with helpful advice on how to tackle pests in their garden or deal with bore well water affecting growth of their plants.

Mudfingers, the online portal of Blooms & Ivy was launched on 26th January 2014. The unique fact about this team is the vast experience and wide knowledge base at hand. Adding to this, there is the ever- growing list of novel products, be it the innovatively-styled terrariums or the aesthetically made bonsais. In an attempt to go the eco-friendly way, a range of planters made from upcycled materials like old wine bottles and discarded wood boards are also on sale. At Blooms and Ivy, you can be sure to find new and original ideas taking shape to give you beautiful and healthy plants, along with practical solutions on how to grow them. Once you shop at Blooms and Ivy, you have made a lifelong relationship with nature. Go green!

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